Managed Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

Different web hosting options can confuse many people and there are two that are becoming extremely popular around the world: managed and cloud hosting. However, medicine what is the difference between the two and when put against each other, generic which one comes out on top?

Cloud hosting is something to consider when you are looking at developing your environment or when you have no idea about how much space you are going to use up. Cloud hosting is able to come in three forms: public, shop private or hybrid, a mixture of the two. This is beneficial because it can mix security and uptime problems while keeping the cost low.

The website is not maintained by the hosting company like it is with managed hosting, which means that you will either need someone to run it for you or be able to do it yourself. This could cost extra money or it could end up saving you money. Cloud hosting is not as expensive as managed web hosting.

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