Reseller Hosting, the Challenges

Reseller hosting  is not for the weak-hearted. Since the resellers more often than not are dependent on the services provided by original hosting provider, cialis they are accountable even if the original hosting provider backs out of the service agreement. As a result, healing a customer hosting a website with an original hosting provider through a reseller will likely sue the reseller if the original hosting provider loses some or all of the data of the customer. This sword cuts both ways. If a customer fails to pay the original hosting provider, the reseller can be made liable to handle the costs of the faulting customer. The reseller hosting service also can be marred by bad reseller reviews or by the bad reviews of the original hosting service provider. Therefore, the reseller needs to make sure that his bouquet of his original hosting provider is highly reputed, as some of that reputation is likely to reflect on the reseller too. Reseller hosting can be a good moneymaker when done right.

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